NFL 2004


AFC East


N.Y. Jets – Can Herm Edwards get consistent play from his team?

New England – Can Belichick have another year of solid defense?

Buffalo – The Mularkey Era begins.

Miami – Maybe one of the worst teams in the league this year.  Zach Thomas remains tough.


AFC North


Cleveland – Jeff Garcia makes a world of difference.

Pittsburgh – Can Maddox shuffle around and make plays this year?

Baltimore – Tough defense and no quarterback as usual.  “Prime Time” Deion Sanders is the newest Raven, but is he past his prime anyways?

Kordell Stewart may be better than Kyle Boller, their starter.                

Cincinnati – Probably not going to repeat the success of last year.


AFC South


Jacksonville – They beat Buffalo in a close game in week 1.  It helps to have a lucky quarterback.  Byron Leftwich couldn’t hit Lake Erie in the first part of the game, and then he completes 2 nice 4th down passes in the 4th Quarter.

Tennessee – A definite playoff team.

Houston – Still learning.

Indianapolis – Another wasted year.


AFC West


Denver – Is Jake Plummer really the best they have had since John Elway?  He seems to have always had a knack for choking at critical times.

San Diego – Philip Rivers, another attempt at rebirth with a high pick at quarterback.  They were better off  when Doug Flutie was the starter.

Kansas City – Priest Holmes, still a good running back.

Oakland – The new home of Warren Sapp, the mouth that roared.







NFC East


Philadelphia – Will they be denied again in the NFC Championship game? 

Washington – Joe Gibbs: the difference maker if the boy wonder owner lets him run the team.

Dallas – Back in the playoffs again this year with a 40 year old quarterback.

N.Y. Giants – If Kurt Warner fails, Eli Manning will learn the hard way.


NFC North


Detroit – Finally won a road game.

Green Bay – The Favre magic continues, with a good running back to help.

Minnesota – Culpepper is a better quarterback than McNabb, regardless of what the media thinks. 

Chicago – Another tough year.


NFC South


Atlanta – Can Vick stay healthy?

Carolina – A solid team.

New Orleans – Another wasted year.

Tampa Bay – Maybe they can get back to the playoffs this year.


NFC West


Seattle – Anybody’s guess this year.

St. Louis – They will win the division.

Arizona – Dennis Green will suffer from the Arizona jinx this year.

San Francisco – Not a good game in site.